NorthPointe Gymnastics offers the following teams:


USAG is a Junior Olympic team program designed for the athlete who wants to compete and experience the 
sport of gymnastics at some of the highest levels of competitions. Gymnasts who are invited to the Competitive Team will begin competing at level 3, after completing the Pre-Team program. Team requires increased dedication and commitment along with mastery of skills progressions in order to compete for NPG. Compulsory gymnasts, levels 3-5, will follow the USAG routines. Level 6+ brings a higher level of intensity and training. These levels offer routines choreographer to the gymnast, enabling her to showcase her strengths throughout the events. If a gymnast attains a State Qualifying all-around score of 30.0 or higher for levels 3-5 and 31.0 for levels 6+, they are invited to attend the State Championships.


Xcel program was developed to offer gymnasts the opportunity to participate in competition and/or provide former Junior Olympic Competitive gymnasts the opportunity to continue competition without the intense time commitment that the Junior Olympic Program requires. NPG offers entry into the XCEL program beginning at the Silver level. Gymnast must progress through the USAG 
Pre-Team level requirements or test out through Girls Advanced Recreational Gymnastics class. Xcel is designed to offer a positive, rewarding experience based on individual and team accomplishments. However, the Xcel program is not a path to the Junior Olympic program, it is rather an entity of it’s own. Gymnasts will be competing their own personal routine, with the direction of the Xcel head coach and choreographer.
*Gymnasts must be 10 years of age as of January 1, (The beginning of competitive season)
*Gymnast will be evaluated and placed in the level where they will be the most successful. 


Pre-Team is our entry level into the Team Program. Pre-Team is a stepping stone between recreational gymnastics classes and our competitive team. Gymnasts will grow in the sport by learning skills based on a progressive curriculum. The curriculum will advance them through the levels 1-3 in preparation for Competitive gymnastics, either through USAG XCEL or Junior Olympic. Gymnast will compete in fun meets allowing the gymnast to experience competition in a fun and positive atmosphere. Pre-Team gymnasts will perform USAG Compulsory routines to receive specific colored ribbons based on their performance. These levels are designed to prepare gymnasts for competition by providing a non-competitive, achievement-oriented program of basic skills and progressions. After mastering the skills at these levels, they will have the opportunity to be selected for the competitive team.
*By Invite and Evaluation only.


Tumble Tot Team is offered to children who demonstrate early indication of success in the sport of gymnastics. 
These indications include above average strength, flexibility, coordination, self-discipline, and focus.
*By Invite and evaluation only.


KickStart is a broad based, innovative strength, flexibility & fundamental skills program developed for athletes in Michigan designed to help “kick start” the development in young athletes. It is a great program to improve physical abilities for JO athletes of all ages and abilities. The age requirements are 6 years old to 13 years old and the overall cost for membership, testing, meets and training camp is much less than the renowned National TOPS Program.