Preschool – 18 Months to 5 Years



Parent/Tot – Ages 18 months – 3  

This 45 minute class puts fun and fitness together in this age appropriate class setting. Improving fine and gross motor proficiency and strengthening manipulative skills are the goals of this class. Positive reinforcement is also used to help your child follow directions and lengthen their attention span.

Tumble Cubs – Ages 3-4:
This class is for our little gymnasts who are ready physically and emotionally to be on their own. This action packed class will take all of their introductory learning to the next level. Positive reinforcement is used to help your child follow directions; master self discipline while developing cognitive skills! Your child will spend time in the big gym as well as the preschool gym during this 45 minute class.  
Tumble Bears- Ages 5:
This class is a preschool to  recreational gymnastics bridge class that involves lots of cartwheels, forward rolls, rope swings, hanging, balancing, jumping and running! This class will spend half its time in the small gym and the other half in the larger gym familiarizing themselves with the equipment and implementing new skills.  Our USAG certified teachers give options and skill progressions for various levels to allow for each child to find success.  This 45 minute class is full of social, emotional, cognitive and skill growth!  The benefits are endless and can be carried over into everyday life.