What exactly is Tumble Fest and what will my child do?
TumbleFest is a chance for all the athletes of NorthPointe Gymnastics to show off their hard work. This is not a competition. They are going to show all the skills and tricks they have learned during their classes, in a fun structured routine on each event. There will be various groups to show their skills at different show times. Your child will be given a time slot for them to perform at. The show itself is for one to two hours long including routines and medals. This is a fun and exciting chance for your child to show their family and friends what he or she has work so hard for in their classes.

What is my child supposed to wear and how long with this show take?
Your child will wear a leotard or athletic shorts and shirt.

Are we required T-shirt?
Students are not required to purchase a t-shirt or leotard, but we do offer an optional t-shirt, shorts, and leotard for purchase. Details coming soon for 2018. 

Why is there a registration fee?
The registration fee is to go towards the decorations, planning, and organizing of the event.  Please register online through your account or with us.

Registration: $8.00 due: May 1, 2018

Will there be a charge to get in that day for parent, etc?
There will be no charge at the door for the event due to the registration fee.

Will there be concessions?
We will be providing concessions as well as raffles to participate in.

Are any awards given?
Yes, each child who attends will receive a beautiful themed medal at the TumbleFest for them to take home and keep.

Will there be a professional photographer there at the show?
Treasured Images will be taking individual or buddy photos before and after their performance. They also will be taking action photos throughout your child’s performance for you to purchase.