How Does the Testing Process Work?

Gymnastics is a sport that takes time, dedication, persistence, strength and flexibility. In order to progress SAFELY, through the appropriate skill development, it is very important that skills are not rushed or achieved until they are performed with accuracy and safety. With so many factors, each gymnast achieves skills at a different pace. Our coaching staff attains knowledge through numerous coaching certificates, clinics and  monthly training’s. With these training’s, we are confident that each coach has the tools to assist the gymnast, no matter what class they are in.  Our coaching staff follows the weekly lesson plan, skill building and progressions at each practice. Due to the focus needed to instruct, the report cards are worked on over a period of time and are not tested at each and every practice. When we do report card testing, this can take away from their focus and time which could be spent skill building. Therefore, if you review your child’s report card during the year, there may be new skills attained, which may not be added yet, but we are sure to have these mastered skills on the final report cards issued!! 
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Does My Child Move Up Levels & Skills?

NorthPointe Gymnastics is proud to offer a Junior Olympic Based Gymnastics program. We offer bi-weekly lesson plans to focus on various skills depending on the theme of the month. Each skill taught,  from the earliest Preschool class through our Highest Competitive Team, follows the USA Gymnastics guidelines from age, development and skill progressions.
Every gymnast receives a personal skill report card upon registration into our program. These report cards have many skills and progressions per level. These skills are based on our lessons plans and curriculum for all of the Olympic events. The report cards are worked on over the entire school year, by each coach, in order to hand them out by NPG’s year end Tumble fest in May. If your child should be moved into a different class prior to the year end show, we will be sure to contact you, or you may inquire at any time!